400 students at C'MUN in Barcelona engage with TOGETHER

Students during C'MUN sharing their support for TOGETHER

7 Jun 2017

400 students at C'MUN in Barcelona engage with TOGETHER

The United Nations Association of Spain (UNA-Spain) organizes every year the Catalonia Model of United Nations (C’MUN). Since 2006, C'MUN has emerged as a recognized simulation of the specific organs of the UN. With more than 400 university students, C'MUN allows them year after year to discover the inner functionings of the UN and its bodies, and to discuss specific issues on the extensive agenda of the organization.

During C’MUN 2017, which took place on 11th and 14th of May, UNA-Spain remarked its commitment to TOGETHER. All participants had the chance to learn about the campaign and about the importance of integration, respect and security for all those forced to flee their homes in search of new opportunities.

Ariadna Quintero, Program and Human Rights Coordinator of UNA-Spain shared the importance "that the Together campaign reaches young people and, that the Model United Nations are oneof the best tools to achieve that”.

UNA-Spain believes that the Model United Nations is a youth-oriented activity that is able to bring together people from all over the world. For this reason, it presents a unique opportunity for them to think about a situation that society confronts on a daily basis. The participants were very excited to learn about TOGETHER, expressing their desire to join the campaign and to share their experiences on social media. In this way, and using the different official languages of the campaign, they wished to put forth their commitment to tolerance and integration.