La Liga, the top Spanish soccer league, and TOGETHER partner to promote diversity

World renowned soccer players join their voices to TOGETHER
1 May 2017

La Liga, the top Spanish soccer league, and TOGETHER partner to promote diversity

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with almost 4 billion followers worldwide. It is also one of the most diverse sports. For example, La Liga, the top Spanish Soccer league, has 479 foreign players from 44 different countries.  

While the world of sport is not immune to problems of racism, soccer can be an excellent illustration of how diversity leads to strength and excellence. Year after year, the best teams in the world trade players across leagues and borders, seeking to improve their teams, develop their game and ultimately give their fans more reasons to celebrate.    

Sports, and soccer in particular, exemplify the positive contributions that arise from diversity.

Driven by this understanding, La Liga, one of the most prestigious soccer leagues in the world, has joined the TOGETHER campaign to counter xenophobia and put positive contributions of migrants in the spotlight. La Liga’s worldwide fame comes in large part from having the best soccer players in the world, among them Lionel Messi (FCBarcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), both migrants.

La Liga and TOGETHER want to change negative narratives, misconceptions and myths about refugees and migrants.

We are excited to share our latest initiative featuring two world-renowned soccer players.

Raul Gonzalez, former Real Madrid player, and David Villa, former Futbol Club Barcelona player, have both added their voice to the TOGETHER campaign. They wish to share the importance of respect, tolerance and inclusion in the world of sports. In their eyes, these values help players to perform better, make their teams stronger and ensure their sport appeals to everyone. Raul and David both played in La Liga, the most prestigious Spanish football league, recognized for having the best soccer players in the world.

Watch their TOGETHER video [hyperlink].